St Bartholomew's

Church of England Academy

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Vision and Values

St Barts' Vision

Our vision is to be an excellent school, embedded in Christian values.

Through faith, respect, peace, hope & aspiration, perseverance, wisdom and stewardship,

anything is possible!

Together we shine and develop our characters through our shared values and loving school family;

taking responsibility for ourselves and others to flourish,

develop our passions and become lifelong learners;

making a difference by serving, inspiring and changing lives in our community and beyond.


Our vision is founded on Matthew 17:20 

'Your faith can move mountains'

St Barts' Mission


  • To provide high quality education through teaching and learning.
  • To ensure our children build life-long knowledge and skills, challenge themselves, inspire each other to flourish and achieve greater personal successes.   
  • To raise our children's aspirations both today and for the future.
  • To develop in character through reflecting on the teachings and values of Christianity and our shared school values.
  • To serve and make a difference as global citizens in our community and beyond. 

St Barts' School Values


To fulfil our mission as a whole school community, we strive to live out the vision intertwined with our school values, through our child-friendly motto of:

Achieve Believe Celebrate


with faith anything is possible!