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In addition to their Accelerated Reader (AR) levelled book, each child from Year 2 - 6, who has graduated from the 'Read Write Inc.' programme, will also have a 'Reading for Pleasure' book.


This therefore means that all children will have, at any point of time, two books: the first an AR book and the second a 'Reading for Pleasure' book.


Reading for pleasure books are situated in each year group classroom and are based on the current 'Year Group Recommnded Reads lists'.


Each of the 'Year Group Recommended Reads' lists contains 50 books specially picked out for reading for pleasure in each primary year group. The lists are designed to provide recommendations of age-appropriate and accessible books across a range of genres and styles. 


They provide a  balance across different genres and styles. Some children naturally navigate towards non-fiction, while others find graphic novels or poetry the most enjoyable forms to pick up and read. Each list contains a balance of age-appropriate fiction, picturebooks, non-fiction, poetry and graphic novels, with a handful of novelty or tactile books added in too.


The lists also cater for different reading styles, interest levels, publication dates (you’ll find some true golden oldies as well as brand new titles on each list) and also books that contain a diversity of characters and settings.


This way, we can offer children access to a wealth of quality reading choices to enjoy.



Look at the AMAZING books that are available to our children in each year group below!


These books will also be tracked via our online library system, however, will always be in the classroom rather than the library!  Each classroom will have a dedicated area to display these books.