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Art / Design Technology

Art & Design Technology


In art, our learning is based around landscape painting.  We consider two famous landscape artists: Constable, a famous English landscape painter who revolutionized landscape paintings in the early 19th century, and Monet, a famous French landscape painter who painted using a new approach called impressionism.  We compare and contrast their style of painting before then using Monet’s style to create our own landscape painting using short brushstrokes.


In design technology our focus is understanding that a mechanical system is a set of physical components that has an input, a process and an output. We learn that pulleys are simple mechanisms that use a grooved wheel and cable to reduce the effort required to move a load. Using this knowledge we then look at a variety of ski lifts and how they use a pulley mechanism to transport skiers from the bottom to the top of a mountain. We then design and make our own ski-lift considering factors including time, resources, user and cost.