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School Meals

Spring 2021

We have a new catering supplier starting in Spring 2021 who offer a nutritionally balanced menu, encouraging children to enjoy school meals.  They cater for all nutritional requirements.  Their menu is served on a rotating 3 week basis and is changed periodically.

Spring 2021 Hot packed Lunch Menu

School dinner time is a great opportunity for pupils to  enjoy a hot meal for just £2.15 per day. Please use Parent Pay to pay for meals in advance. 

COVID Arrangements

To ensure the safety of all bubbles and support logistics in school.  Children are currently provided with a hot packed lunch menu if they wish to have school dinners.


All children have their school dinners brought to them in their classroom. All children eat in their own classroom. 



If your child is eligible for Free School Meals and your child or class bubble is asked to self isolate you will be provided with a weekly food parcel.


We operate a “Colour System” at lunchtime whereby all pupils who are having a School dinner will choose what they want for lunch from a menu at morning registration. Pupils will be given a coloured band which reflects their menu choice each morning. They will put their band in the same coloured box in the hall during lunchtime when they collect their meal.


Pupils who arrive at school late will still be given a school dinner but will not be able to choose from the menu, they will be given whatever is available. Please make sure you arrive in school on time and make sure you order your dinner choice at morning registration!

PLEASE NOTE - sometimes it is necessary to change our menus without prior notice.


Free School Meals (FSM)

If you think you may be entitled to FSM's please complete the application form - if you are entitled your child will enjoy free meals until they leave St Bart's in Year 6, regardless of whether your circumstances change.


Even if your child sometimes prefers packed lunches, please do still apply because there are sometimes other benefits and opportunities available throughout your child's time at school for children who are eligible for a FSM.