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In maths we will be covering a variety of units within White Rose schemes of learning, including ‘Place Value’, ‘Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division’, ‘Fractions A’, ‘Fractions B’ and ‘Converting Units’.  The core learning within each of these units are as follows ...


Place Value:

  • Read and write numbers to 10,000,000
  • Powers of 10
  • Number line to 10,000,000
  • Compare and order any integers
  • Round any integer
  • Negative numbers


Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division:

  • Add and subtract integers
  • Common factors and multiples
  • Rules of divisibility
  • Primes to 100
  • Square and cube numbers
  • Multiply up to a 4-digit number by a 2-digit number
  • Divide, including remainders
  • Solve division and multiplication problems (including multi-step)
  • Order of operations
  • Mental calculations and estimation
  • Reason from known facts


Fractions A:

  • Equivalent fractions and simplifying (including number line
  • Compare and order numerators and denominators
  • Add and subtract fractions
  • Multi-step problems


Fractions B:

  • Multiplying fractions by integers and fractions
  • Dividing a fraction by an integer
  • Finding fractions of amounts


Converting Units:

  • Metric measures, including converting and calculating with
  • Miles and kilometres
  • Imperial measures