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Young Carers

At St Bartholomew's we use the Secrets of Success to help our young carers to develop and grow as independent and reflective learners.


Success is about happiness.  It isn't just about money and possessions. It is about choices and feeling good about yourself.


Everyone has successes and failures but the first step to success is making the right choices.


Successful people feel good about who they are, how hard they have tried, what they choose to spend their time doing and about the choices they have in their lives.


There are eight Secrets to Success:

  • Concentrate
  • Improve
  • Don't give up
  • Imagine
  • Try new things
  • Work hard
  • Push yourself
  • Understand others


Young Carers 

To enable pupils to reach their full potential in all areas of learning, they need to know they are supported within school and at home.


St Bart's are working alongside Young Carers Coventry to help identify children who take on a caring role within their home.


If you think you are a young carer and need support with any problems you may have because you care for someone, please take a look at the school's Young Carer board, or speak to Miss Gibson.