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In science will be covering:

  • Living Things and Their Habitats
  • Animals, including humans


Within ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’, we:

  • group organisms according to their characteristics;
  • identify the work of Carl Linneaus;
  • explain the structure of the classification system;
  • explore different types of micro-organisms;
  • explain how they can both be helpful and harmful. 


Whilst learning about ‘Healthy Bodies’ we:

  • Find out how scientific ideas about food and diet were tested in the past and how this has contributed to our knowledge of a balanced diet.
  • Investigate different food groups and find out why a variety of foods is important for a healthy diet.
  • Investigate how nutrients and oxygen are transported in the human body.
  • Investigate what happens to the heart when we exercise and why.
  • Investigate how muscles move the skeleton and how this influences blood flow.
  • Investigate the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle on the heart.