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SPRING 2: New Library Books!



Over the holiday, staff spent additional time in school, voluntarilary, in order to create a brand-new, welcoming layout in the KS2 library.  


Shelves were removed or re-located and additional seating areas were created to enable children to spend time within the library space.  


Displays were also re-purposed to include an area dedicated to celebrating achievements within 'Accelerated Reader', including 'Total Word Count' across Year 2 - 6, individual year group word counts as well as individual children's word counts, which are celebrated within the display area. 


Staff have also contributed towards a display nominating their favourite books as well as a dedicated display being created to an 'Author of the Month', which will be contributed towards by children from here on in. 



Over the past few weeks, we have been busy sourcing brand new books for our KS2 library.  We have invested a significant amount of money and today we received our order (on approval), after carefully curating lists of specific books, authors and sets that we wanted for our St Bart's children. After consulting with multiple suppliers, we have worked with 'Laburnum House' to create a wide-ranging and amazing list of additional books.


I literally can't wait to see the children's faces, as they see the new books, as they are not going to know which one to choose first!  In fact I've already had to stop staff from 'borrowing' some.


We have spent a significant amount on the lower AR levels - 0.0 - 2.9, but also added to all other AR levels.  All of the books ordered are by major authors and are up-to-date, including book award nominees and best-selling authors.  These are literally books that you would see in Waterstones if you walked in today.  We will be explaining to children how exciting this is!  


We have also specifically curated a 'Graphic Novel' section, as well as ordering significant author sets, such as David Walliams and Harry Potter etc.


There are also new non-fiction books, which are relevant and up-to-date, which children will want to read. 


These new books will be next week colour coded, labelled by author, added to our online library system and then sent back to the supplier, who will be jacketeing them in plastic wallets in order to protect them, then they will be ready to go home.  


Each of these books are linked to an Accelerated Reader quiz. 


Our relationship with 'Laburnum House' will continue and we will be spending a set amount each term on newly published books in order to ensure that our children at St Bart's have access to the latest and best books to engage them in reading.  

READY TO GO! (15.03.23)


Staff have been trained in how to use the online library system and children will now be held to account in order to make sure books are returned.  


Children now have a weekly 20 minute library session planned into their weekly timetable, where even if they are not reday to change their book, they can: look at the new books, complete an AR quiz, read or complete a book review.